About Skypebble.

Durable, dependable and low maintenance interior pool finishes.

Designerite is Australia’s top supplier of swimming pool products. As the exclusive distributor of Skypebble, a superior pebble swimming pool interior, we offer a wide range of products, training, and technology. Elevate your clients’ pool finishes with our exceptional pebble solutions. Choose Designerite and Skypebble for excellence in pool construction.

Natural and pleasing


Extremely durable

and maintainable



Enduring natural elegance.

Skypebble uniquely combines natural beauty with exceptional value. With a colour range limited only by your imagination, Skypebble provides naturally inspired beauty and durability.

Environmentally conscious.

From our exclusive deposits in New Zealand, pebbles are processed and shipped around the world using methods fully licensed by the New Zealand government and approved by environmental agenices. We are environmentally conscious throughout the whole process to reduce pollutant by-products and harmful emissions.



From the South Island of New Zealand


Graded, washed and sorted


Processed and bagged for shipment

Ready for 

your pool

Ready to transform your pool today?