Why choose Skypebble?

The worlds most trusted pool finish.

Skypebble’s superior quality pool finishes are the natural choice for new, renovated and commercial pools.

Natural and

pleasing texture

Extreme durability

and reliability



Ease of cleaning

and maintenance

Transform your pool with the finest.

Elevate your pool with the finest, durable, and low-maintenance pool finish. Backed by top customer satisfaction, our blend of nature and technology creates an unparalleled, lifelong swimming experience when skilfully applied by expert installers.

Resurface your existing pool with Skypebble.

It’s time to turn your backyard pool into the resort sanctuary you always envisioned. Conventional pool remodel limitations are a thing of the past because Skypebble superior quality pool finishes all have unique, flexible design characteristics that allow a pool to blend with landscaping, water features and the surrounding environment. A competent applicator with suitable preparation can apply Skypebble products in place of any previous concrete pool interior finish.

Skypebble for superior,

durable commercial pools.

Pool Builders and Landscape Architects alike support the superior quality, product durability and ease of maintenance found in a Skypebble or Skysheen or pool finish and agree the finishes are an ideal choice for commercial pool and spa projects. Numerous resorts, hotels, schools and amusement parks have taken advantage of the spectacular beauty, expert quality control, and premium pebbles that only come with a Skypebble pool finish.

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