Frequently asked questions

Skypebble® is 100% natural Quartz pebbles (over 99% Pure Silica) which, when mixed with cement, forms an aesthetically pleasing interior lining to concrete swimming pools.

Skypebble is a product from New Zealand, although, Designerite, the distributor of Skypebble is wholly Australian owned.

No more than any other pool lining. Algae will grow on any surface (even smooth glass) but, due to the hardness of the Skypebble finish, it can be treated with strong chemicals or scrubbed without any damage to the pool lining.

Skypebble Arctic White pebble, has the reputation of being the purest naturally occurring white pebble in the world. On its own, it produces a beautiful light blue colouring, and when mixed with blue glass beads (Marina Blue) a stunning mid-blue water colour, or with our exclusive pigment (Hawaiian Blue) an even deeper blue finish which looks particularly inviting.

Swimming pool water can be either varying shades of blue or green, and virtually every shade can be achieved with Skypebble by adding colouration to the cement matrix, or by adding such things as glass beads or coloured chips. Water colour is also somewhat dependent on such things as pool surrounds, time of day, sky colour, chemical balance and depth of water so that actual water colour tends to vary quite dramatically throughout the day.

Skypebble pebbles come from the South Island of New Zealand where they are graded, washed and bagged (packaged) before being imported into Australia by Designerite.

No. Because the pebbles are natural, with very high Silica content, they are impervious to staining in a swimming pool environment.

Waterline tiles are not required with Skysheen or Skypebble Original. Many customers do prefer to have waterline tiles with all of the pebble sizes.

Two sizes are available. Skypebble Original (approx. 2-4mm pebble size), Skysheen (approx. 1-2mm).

Skypebble is readily available throughout Australia via Designerite, and it is simply a matter of ordering the product through your pool builder or renovation company. Owner-builders can order through their interior lining applicator or by contacting us directly through this site.

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